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Are you longing for the season swap? Then get ready for the Spring Fever edition of our swap event at SOIA in Utrecht. Swap clothes, play games, and soak up the vibes on the city's most beautiful terrace! And let's not forget about the food & drinks all made with love and a commitment to local suppliers. Especially for this day, there's a Holy option on the menu: a combo of the most delicious and sustainable options. Join us at SOIA for a day filled with the joy of spring, local reuse, and positive vibes!

Date: Sunday, April 7th. 14:00 - 18:00.

Location:  SOIA. Kanaalweg 199, Utrecht. 

Products: clothes, shoes, bags.

Ticket: €5.45 + €0,79 ticket platform fee. Refunded with 2 free tokens worth €7 if you show up.

Time slots: these only apply to handing in your stuff. Not to the time you are allowed to come or stay.

There's a limited number of tickets available per time slot. Make sure to secure your favorite spot right away!

To avoid any huhhh!?'s, we advise you to read through all info and rules below.

Would you please leave your feedback after reading?

We want to keep learning and improving. Your feedback is essential for this 🙏🏼


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Product drop-off:

  • Time slots: you can check in whenever you want, but hand in your stuff during your reserved time slot. This is an experiment to streamline the drop-off process and reduce waiting times.

  • The event starts at 14:00. You will be doing us a huge favor if you come & drop-off your stuff between 12:00 and 13:00. You can grab a heavenly lunch afterwards.

  • We do our best to minimize the waiting time, but we cannot completely prevent it. So please bear this in mind and try to enjoy this peaceful moment of rest. Or start a nice chat with fellow queue members.

Carefully Curated: QUALITY CHECK!

  • All submitted items are carefully checked for quality. 

  • Make sure you bring good quality items that you would want to pick for yourself.

  • We strictly check for stains, damages and missing elements.

  • Good quality items will be added scattered throughout the event. So no  rush, we don’t like fast fashion 😉


  • Maximum of 6 items per person

  • Clothes, shoes, and bags. For adults.

  • Hand-in items that can be worn this season. Save your deep winter outfit for another event.

  • Hand-in items clean and washed.

  • Only high-quality items from these fast fashion brands will be accepted: H&M, Uniqlo, Forever21, Berschka, Zara, Pull&Bear and Monki. They must be in excellent condition, have proper style, and can last long. You will only receive 1 token for it.

  • Low-quality items from fast fashion brands cannot be swapped, but can be donated.

  • Items from SHEIN and Primark cannot be swapped, but can be donated.

  • Worn-out and torn items cannot be swapped, but can be donated.

  • Underwear, swimwear, and used sportswear will not be accepted.

Drop off your bag & Skip the queue

If you have leftover tokens from previous events, and quality check can wait, you can skip the queue and start swapping earlier. Drop off your bag, provided with your first name, last name, and phone number. As soon as we have done the quality check, we’ll call you to come and collect your extra earned tokens.

Holy Swap Premium items event


Token system: you get what you give. Fair enough.

  • For each item, you earn 1, 3, or 5 tokens. The higher the quality or better the brand, the more tokens you earn. See the bottom of this page for a guideline of how many tokens items are worth.

  • During the event, you use your earned tokens for other items. These also cost 1, 3, or 5 tokens. So: if you hand in good items, you can take good items.

  • Leftover tokens can be taken to the next event.

Holy Swap! Premium items: unique high-quality vintage.

  • At this event, you will again find premium items. These are curated unique and high-quality vintage items. Premium items are valued at 5 tokens.

  • Check our Instagram to see sneak peeks of the premium collection at previous events.


We're called 'HOLY' swap for a reason! 🥸

Short on tokens? Buy extra ones (PIN ONLY)

  • People who hand in stuff can buy additional tokens.

  • Tokens cost €3.00 + €0.63 VAT (BTW) each.

  • After 16:00 token sale is also open for people who have not handed in stuff.



What is Swap-fee?
The swap-fee is a small contribution per item you take home, directly supporting our mission and the development of Holy Swap! It helps cover our costs, and any surplus goes into increasing our impact. 

Why Swap-fee?

At Holy Swap!, we aim for impact that matters. Our events go beyond just fun; they're part of a larger mission—to inspire as many people as possible to celebrate life with what is already there and thereby significantly reduce unnecessary new production and waste.


Achieving this ambitious goal requires Holy Swap! to become a thriving, sustainable business that covers costs and can invest in substantial impact growth. We are experimenting to find a healthy revenue model that will provide this.

Swap-fee structure at this event:

  • For products worth 1 token: €3.00 swap-fee + €0.63 VAT (BTW).

  • For products worth 3 tokens: €4.00 swap-fee + €0.84 VAT (BTW).

  • For products worth 5 tokens: €5.00 swap-fee + €1.05 VAT (BTW).

Remember: for a few euros, you'll leave with a high-quality, minimal-impact item - something you'll be proud to wear!

Weird amounts to raise awareness for multiple VAT payments on used products.

It is unbelievable but true: VAT has to be paid on used products again and again. We want this to be abolished as it would make reusing products more attractive. As part of raising awareness of this double VAT bullshit, we show a price breakdown between costs going to Holy Swap! and costs going to the public purse. 



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